The Saturday evening entertainment had a number of special guest artists for

the Saturday night dinner at the Waipukurau Club. The entrants didn't

realise that they were the guests and about to be the artists until they

settled down at their tables and found six "Artists Easels" in front of

them. Six tables meant six teams to compete in a art competition.

The first instruction was for the team to select their best artist [and not

one of the BS variety of which there are plenty in the MTFCNZ] who had to go

to the easel and draw a cartoon depiction of a Model T Ford in three minutes

using the 5B pencil supplied. The amount of advice given from the floor by

the rest of the audience was loud and hardly helpful.

The second artist was called to the front and had to add some people to the

drawing. This had some well-drawn people along with stick people with some

in the cars and even one under checking on the oil apparently. Fortunately,

none of the people depicted looked anything like any of the rally entrants!

Again, three minutes were allowed.

The third victim [oops, contestant] was required to put some background into

the picture which by then was taking shape nicely. The background and

additions had fences, trees, birds, hills and oil leaks prominently


The fourth person from the team had a longer spell at the easel and had to

confirm all the outlines of the previous "artists" work using a black marker


The fifth person who the team selected had to front the boards with a

handful of colouring pencils and colour in the drawing.

The sixth person was given the job of writing a caption or a balloon with

words in it and was allowed some input from the rest of the team.

Following this the teams stood back and admired their handiwork. As the meal

was getting close to being served, it was announced that the celebrated

works of art would be auctioned off to the highest bidders, and a strong

effort from the floor to have one of these gems of artistic production

secured for the walls of their "Mens Shed" at home had the efforts raise

over $200 for the local branch of the "Red Cross". The committee upped the

ante, and a cheque was presented to the local Ladies of the "Red Cross"

about three weeks later.

The best bit of all was when Monty Scarborough, who would never "take any

one for a ride" was sold a blank sheet of paper for $4.50 by Life member and

auctioneer for the night, Rod McKenzie, when he failed to secure a picture

for his shed.

The photo shows Rod McKenzie and John Cleland, organisers of the weekend's

rally, presenting the $250.00 cheque to the CHB Red Cross president, Sherry

Bird, and their treasurer, Eva Gollan.